Other Website Expenses

Most websites will need at least two additional expenses before you can be up and running. You will need to find a domain name and register it and you will need a somewhere to host your website.  Domain name registrars usually charge you once a year and hosting is usually a monthly fee although in some cases you can pay ahead for a discount.

Just to give you a rough idea of these expenses domain name registration is about $15 a year and hosting can cost anywhere from $4 – $30 a month.  Of course these costs can go higher.  Your cost also depends on other factors like what features you need and how much traffic your website gets.

For registering and hosting your website we recommend the following companies.

Hosting Companies


Flywheel is a hosting company with managed WordPress solutions.  For a little more per month you get peace of mind knowing your website is backed up nightly.  They also have free SSL certificates and lots of other features like staging!

Flywheel Hosting

Laughing Squid

We have used Laughing Squid for many years and never had an issue.  Great customer service and you can set up monthly payments to be automatically paid by credit card.  Cheap no frills hosting.


We have used Bluehost on occasion without any issues.  The nice thing about Bluehost is that they can also be your domain name registrar.

Domain Name Registrar


Hover has a very easy to use interface where you can look up potential domain names and it offers suggestions if the one you want is taken. 

Hover can also set you up with an email account for less than $2 a month.

See our Pricing page for information costs on having us create a WordPress website for you.